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While high-speed Internet connections get lots of attention in the trade magazines, the reality is that the high-speed connections (ISDN, DSL, and cable) usually serve urban areas only, and sometimes only downtown areas. Most Internet users have to connect via regular phone lines, which limit connect speeds to 28.8K or 33.6Kbps. The greater the distance between the central telephone office and the home, the slower the connect speeds. With this in mind, web sites designed by Wink Timber Media Agency lean toward simplicity, with more content and fewer large graphic or script files which take a long time to load into the viewer's computer.

I learned how to write web pages in HTML, then went on to some of the WYSIWYG page layout programs such as Adobe PageMill, Symantec Visual Page and MS FrontPage. I now use Hippie 98, a layout program that falls between one of the above products and a simple HTML text editor. This gives more control over the finished product, and keeps the file sizes smaller for faster loading to the viewer's browser of choice.

WTMA can also handle web hosting via our server space, and regular updates to a site so that it doesn't get stale. Send an e-mail to the link at the bottom of this page.

Some web sites designed and/or developed by Wink Timber Media Agency:

  • UltimateGarages.net - Supporting the book Ultimate Garages by Phil Berg.
  • Mojakka.com - Mojakka recipes and history of the Finnish-American soup.
  • rally.nordicmotors.com - Nordic Motors in Motion. Team web site for the California based ProRally team of Carl Jardevall and Amity Trowbridge.
  • www.GingrasRallySport.com - Gingras Rally Sport. The ProRally effort of Steve Gingras.
  • www.arrowheadscc.org - Arrowhead Sports Car Club.
  • www.winktimber.com/prorally/ - SCCA ProRally and ClubRally Photos and Stories.
  • www.ForeignAffairsofDuluth.com - Foreign Affairs of Duluth, Inc.. Service and parts for imported cars and light trucks.
  • www.winker.net - Winker.Net - For those with the surname "Winker".
  • www.VintageRally.com - VintageRally.com - An e-zine featuring stories, photos, a calendar of events, and links to Vintage and Historic Rallies. While the primary emphasis is on North American events, the big International Rallies such as the Around The World In 80 Days Motor Challenge are covered as well.
  • www.FlyingFinns.com - The Flying Finns. Biographies and photos of famous Finnish Rally Drivers.
  • www.StUrho.com - St. Urho. Dedicated to the legendary Finnish patron saint. St. Urho is virtually unknown in Finland, but several communities of Minnesota Finns celebrate his feast day on March 16th each year. For sale: www.SaintUrho.com.
The following sites were originally designed by WTMA, but are now in the hands of others. Much of the original design is still used, however. For details on creating a site for your company or organization, contact Tim Winker.
Click name to send e-mail, or call 218 / 729-0821.

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