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Round 1 - Sno*Drift

(60% National points / Coefficient 3 ClubRally)

Atlanta, Michigan
February 20, 1999

Photos 1999 by Tim Winker, Saginaw, Minnesota
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The LoL Clan

Row 1
Parking Lot / Service Area, before the Start
1. Parc Expose
2. J.B. Niday's crunched Ford Fiesta after the Press Stage on Friday.
3. Niday/Hoffa Fiesta on Saturday morning, ready for the Start.
4. Land O' Lakes Region contingent: (L to R) Al Kintigh, J. B. Niday, Brenda Corneliusen, Bruce Weinman, Lea Hoffa.

Row 2
5. Henry Joy and Pete Lahm.
6. Pete Lahm's new ride, a Mitsubishi Evolution IV for Open class.
7. Tom Ottey and Pam McGarvey, Mazda 323 GTX, PGT.
8. Gail Truess and Pattie Hughes, Mazda 323 GTX, PGT.

Row 3
9. Scott Harvey, Jr. prepares to "gas" up the Colt. (Not that pump, Scott!)
10. Garen and Doc Shrader, aboard another TAD prepared Evo IV.
11. Garen & "Doc" Shrader, Open class
12. Co-driver loosens the lug nuts to replace a flat on SS2.

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