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1999 Maine Forest ProRally

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John Buffum and Diane Houseal are among those doing registration of workers. Cat McKeen oversees driver registration, while Chris Havas (right) oversees Cat. Ilana Jimmy Brandt waves to his fans.

1 & 2 - Registration: Look for John Buffum, Diane Houseal and Cat McKeen.
3 - Ilana Rosenshein, Suzuki Swift GT.
4 - Some Dumb Navvie from Michigan waves for the camera.

The Ed and Andy Show I'm a sucker for a Rising Sun logo. One more statue of Paul Bunyan. Frank Sprongl and Walt Kammer visit prior to the start.

5 - Ed Jacobs & Andy Schupack address the public.
6 - Mitsubishi Starion of Mark & Duffy Bowers.
7 - Paul visited Maine before he denuded Minnesota.
8 - Frank Sprongl and Walt "Stig" Kammer.

Rek and Krolikowski, twin sons of different mothers. The crowd pleasing VW New Beetle. Rally cars lined up on the streets of Rumford. White/Ronan Saab 99.

9 - John Rek & Henry Krolikowski (separated at birth?).
10 - Karl Scheibel & Gail McGuire engage in last minute prep.
11 - Downtown Rumford, site of the Parc Expose
12 - The Saab 99 of Mike White/Mike Ronan, Team One99

Arrieta/Casey Saab 900. Jerry Sweet and his well-used Saab 99.

13 - A Group 5 Saab 900, C. Arrieta/ R. Casey, rolled on SS1.
14 - Gerry Sweet tends to the service of his Group 2 Saab 99. He finished 2nd in G2.

Awards Banquet

Walt Kammer prepares to buy a round. Malaszuk/Szerejko, 2nd in Production. Czyzio/Carlson, 2nd PGT Erisoty/Greisler, 9th OA, 1st Seed 6

15 - Walt "Stig" Kammer.
16 - The Daewoo Team, Peter Malaszuk/Darek Szerejko, were 2nd in Production Class.
17 - Eric Carlson and Chris Czyzio, finished 2nd in Production GT.
18 - An outstanding performance by Seed 6 driver Alex Erisoty who placed 9th overall. Veteran Ben Greisler was the co-driver.

Krolikowskis, 1st in Gp. 5. Winners Podium

19 - Henry and Cindy Krolikowski took the Group 5 win.

20 - Frank Sprongl accepts the Carl Merrill Trophy for combined achievement
in the Maine Forest Rally and Mount Washington Hill Climb.

21 - The Winners Podium: L to R - Charles Bradley and Noel Lawler, 3rd place;
Lance Smith and Stig Blomqvist, 1st place; Frank and Dan Sprongl, 2nd place.

Stig Speaks! Weegee and Stig

22 - Stig makes a very brief Victory Speech.

23 - A winning combination, car owner Weegee Smith and driver Stig Blomqvist.

Jerry and POS Ford We made use of the extra floor space.

The Comic Ozzie Rent-a-truck, a Ford Ranger 4-dr, 4X4.

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