Headwaters ClubRally

Land O' Lakes Region SCCA
May 11, 2002
Park Rapids, Minnesota

Service - Akeley, MN

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CPD Racing Service Area

02hw_sv088a.jpg 51.3K
Putnam & Havir

02hw_sv088b.jpg 44.6K

02hw_sv088d.jpg 54.1K
CPD Racing crew

02hw_sv088c.jpg 46.4K
Alex lends a hand

02hw_sv088e.jpg 59.3K
Doug Havir

02hw_sv088f.jpg 63.2K
CPD Racing bivouac
Niday Rallysport Service Area

02hw_sv084a.jpg 63.0K

02hw_sv084b.jpg 57.3K
Niday Rallysport sservice area

02hw_sv084d.jpg 48.8K
Havir & Niday

02hw_sv084c.jpg 57.5K
Jeff Burmeister
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02hw_grabber.jpg 47.7K
Seen at Stage 4.
Year, make, model, and what made it unique.

Post your guesses on Rally-MN or on Special Stage under "Vintage".

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