SCCA Ojibwe Forests ProRally 2000

OFPR logo by Mike Winker
All photos © 2000 by Tim Winker

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of2k-a-004.jpg 33.2K
Garen & Michael
of2k-a-007.jpg 27.2K
Washing the Elantra
of2k-a-006.jpg 31.7K
Henry K.
of2k-a-187a.jpg 55.4K
You should have seen this TR7 a month ago
of2k-a-187b.jpg 38.0K
John Shirley
of2k-a-304a.jpg 30.5K
Knight Steel Transporter
of2k-a-304b.jpg 43.5K
The pair of Knight Steel Subarus
of2k-a-070.jpg 31.7K
Team LeConte Transporter
of2k-a-hyu1.jpg 71.3K
Three of the four Hyundais entered by Libra
of2k-a-hyu2.jpg 43.0K
How to modernize an Elantra
of2k-a-evos.jpg 54.6K
Evos in a row
of2k-a-sall.jpg 68.9K
Salleen Mustang
of2k-c1-002.jpg 45.5K
Choiniere & Shepherd take it easy at service
of2k-c1-061.jpg 40.4K
Scheible, Hughes, & team owner Lance Smith
of2k-c1-079.jpg 52.7K
Gp. 5 Volvo gets service
of2k-c1-187.jpg 24.4K
Shirley & Russell service
of2k-c1-597.jpg 36.7K
Saab Sonett
of2k-c1-601.jpg 47.6K
Mad Mike & EM
of2k-fs5-002.jpg 12.0K
of2k-fs7-004.jpg 48.2K
Shrader/Fennel Evo IV
of2k-fs7-052.jpg 40.0K
Shepherd/Gladysz Mitsubishi Eclipse
of2k-fs7-061.jpg 50.1K
Scheible/Hughes Evo V
of2k-ss3-002.jpg 39.8K
Choiniere/Becker Tiburon
of2k-ss3-007.jpg 44.8K
Buffum/Williams Elantra
of2k-ss3-006.jpg 51.2K
Krolikowskis' Subaru
of2k-ss3-044.jpg 50.6K
Peter Cunningham's Evo
of2k-ss3-061.jpg 52.4K
Window open again?
of2k-ss3-107.jpg 45.7K
Tim Paterson's Evo
of2k-frog.jpg 21.5K
Traditional nature shot
of2k-win1.jpg 35.7K
Winners interview by Doug Plumer

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